Being a cook well over 20 years I will honestly say,I love bacon!. It is just about the most versatile and attractive additions to a lot of my recipes and may easily add a salty, smoky attract many dishes. I've always used in throughout my cooking to incorporate texture and flavor.

There was previously an occasion when bacon was, well, bacon. Smoked, cured and able to be fried for breakfast. Today, bacon comes in numerous varieties including maple smoked, peppered, and also spicy BBQ. Each having its own distinct appeal and isn't only for breakfast anymore.

One of my personal favorite recipes, and one passed down from my grandmother, is cheddar and bacon muffins. These savory muffins are best served in the supper having a nice hearty stew or soup. And possess you tried adding crumbled bacon to pancakes? The smoky flavor compliments the sweetness of the syrup and is also a pleasing surprise to the palette. Try it out and find out if the family doesn't rave about the subject.

The Italian sort of bacon, pancetta, is an excellent accessory tomato sauces and several Italian dishes. A record favorite within my family's dining room table is pan seared pancetta with garlic and broccoli tossed into fluffy, spiral pasta. Top after some grated parmesan and also the kids just eat it, broccoli and many types of; a powerful way to sneak up those veggies!

Bacon can help offer a kick to particular meats, which by themselves, would not have just as much flavor. Pork is one such meat. To boost the flavor of the boneless pork chop, try topping or wrapping it with bacon. Bake inside the oven slowly therefore the bacon flavor can permeate through the chop. Your home will smell amazing and you'll be surprised at how tender and juicy the chop is because the bacon actively works to seal in the juices.


Recently, We have started to see some unique items made out of bacon. Bacon salt, bacon spread as well as bacon lollipops. Go Figure! Seems people really like their bacon and are not afraid to research the options on the market. There is even bacon flavored vodka and bacon frozen goodies, should the pregnant lady in your life isn't inside the mood for pickles!